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Fred Dungan's Home Page has been an alternative to traditional "for profit" journalism since I founded it in 1991. Although it has most of the characteristics of a blog, I prefer to call it a Home Page because the term "blog" sounds extremely harsh and the website predates blogs by nearly a decade. Like me, it pulls no punches and is highly opinionated. I appreciate your feedback. Contact me by email, fdungan@fdungan.com. Since neither I nor my values are for sale, there is no questionable or fallacious advertising permitted in this domain. I advocate a totally free and particapatory internet. All of the ebooks on this site can be downloaded without charge. Enjoy.

I own and operate DUNGAN BOOKS, a small, fiercely independent publishing house in Riverside, California. Although I am a Christian writer, you won't find my books in Christian bookstores because of my occasional use of street language which the powers-that-be find vulgar and distasteful. Since I refrain from taking the Lord's name in vain and obey the word of God, I do not appreciate having my books banned from sale in their stores. They should renounce their elite, one percenter, holier-than-thou notions, journey beyond their restrictive gated communities, and find out what life is like for the rest of us. Celebrate humanity as we praise God together. Let us be grateful for what we have.

Read my recent book, Policing the American Empire—Pax Americana online. Click on the following hyperlink to purchase the paperback edition from Amazon.com.

Immigration Reform

I live in an older residential neighborhood (Arlington Village, Riverside, California) where an increasingly large percentage of the residents are undocumented. Fearing deportation, they necessarily maintain a low profile, rarely going outside their homes, other than to shop, go to school or work. For the most part, they are hard working people who value family life as much or more than their Anglo neighbors. However, since they are not United States citizens and cannot vote, their government representatives are mostly older white men who are unconcerned with the plight of immigrants. We opted to spend $350,000 in federal block grant funds to build a public daycare center at our local park adjacent to an elementary school, but our elitist city councilman stole the money and used it to build a concrete in-line field hockey skating rink for the children of his rich friends. Our legislators need to stay in session without taking holidays and vacations until they reform our immigration laws. We are stuck with a do-nothing Congress who seem content to exploit an undocumented underclass of low wage workers who stand little chance of bettering their quality of life.

Congress needs to update the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to put these people, many of whom have never known any other home than the United States, on the path towards citizenship. Those who are serving in our military should automatically be made citizens after completing two years of honorable service.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Update

More than five decades have passed since that famous Christmas when Santa invited Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to guide his sled through the thick fog. You would think that either Reuters or the Associated Press would have provided us with yearly updates. But they are too busy spreading the latest rumors concerning flash-in-the-pan celebrities, to bother reporting on what is going on at the North Pole. So it falls on me, an independent blogger, to fill you in. Rudolph retired 20 years ago and Santa put him out to stud. Four years ago, he was having a great time rutting with an anonymous underage slut when he had a stroke and died before Santa could transport him to the nearest veterinary hospital at Point Barrow, Alaska. They cremated his body and spread the ashes over the northern polar region. It was a touching ceremony—Blitzen cried for a week.

Life goes on. NORAD was predicting a foggy Christmas and Santa did not know what to do. He desperately needed someone who could take Rudolph's place. Subsequently, an elf was giving Santa Claus an unfavorable report about Ruby, a cigar smoking lesbian reindeer with all four legs sleeved in colorful tattoos, when Santa came up with the answer. Ruby with a cigar alight could guide the sleigh on Christmas Eve night. And so she did. It only cost the price of a box of stogies to save Christmas that year. Santa was so happy that he began supporting civil rights for homosexuals.

Of course, a lot of other things have changed. The permafrost has turned into slush, forcing Santa to put knobby tires on the sleigh's runners. The polar icecap is melting and Santa is considering moving to the South Pole where the ground is firm below the ice. Negotiations between NORAD and the United Nations are currently taking place. Please return to this website for-up- to-the-minute updates.

Ruby the Anarchist Reindeer
(sung to the tune of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Ruby the anarchist reindeer,
Was usually stoned and drunk,
And if you ever saw her, you would surely think her "punk,"
All of the other reindeer called her homophobic names,
Whenever bad things happened, she was the one they blamed.
Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say,
"Ruby with your cigar so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"
Then all the reindeer loved her and they shouted out with glee,
"Ruby the anarchist reindeer you'll go down in herstory."

Why spend money? Pirate this tune via "old school" Napster file-sharing. Browse on by the workshop at the North Pole and see Santa's latest erotic tattoo.

The owners, management, employees, and shareholders of f.dungan.com want to make it clear that we do not endorse flying while intoxicated. Using non-prescription recreational drugs is extremely dangerous. Ruby has come close to colliding with airplanes, helicoptors, microwave towers, tall buildings, and a late-wintering flight of Canadian geese. Two drakes recieved broken wings when Ruby abruptly weaved into them. Convicted of piloting a sleigh with a suspended license, she is currently serving a two year sentence at Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside, California. Recently denied parole, it is doubtful that Santa can find a replacement for her anytime soon. Therefore, Christmas is being postponed until August 25th for the next two years. Santa apologizes for the inconvenience. He is in the process of negotiating a deal with Toys for Tots to have the U.S. Marine Corps fill in by lowering Santa through chimneys from a hovering helicoptor equipped with a sturdy web harness.


Indicted for conspiracy to overthrow the government - could it be that Ex-President Donald Trump will be found guilty and given an indefinite sentence to be served at Guantanamo? How ironic that this is the same man who advocated locking up Hillary Clinton. I believe that prosecuting a former president is a bad idea that would set a terrible precedent, even if he deserves it. Being barred from holding public office is probably a better option. I can't help but think that all Americans should share both the blame and the shame. After all, we voted him into office. Of course, Trump did say that he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue in broad daylight and not have to face the consequences. It's not like he is royalty and was born better than the rest of us. On second thought, maybe Guantanamo wasn't such a bad idea. We have an obligation to protect democracy, no matter what it costs.

New York Is A Binary Misnomer

New York is a binary misnomer. It hasn't been new since it was known as New Amsterdam and it in no way resembles the ancient walled city in England founded by the Romans than it has anything in common with the capital of the Netherlands. Far more appropriate to refer to it as the Rotten Apple.

Only in the Rotten Apple do pedestrians en masse cross the street on a red light. Should you inch your vehicle forward, people will pound their fists on your hood while shouting, "I'm walking here!" Rude, insolent, arrogant, confrontational, New Yorkers exist in a shrinking, decaying metropolis. Those who can flee to the suburbs while those who cannot are increasingly dependent on public assistance—80,000 of whom went homeless.

Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the entire Justice League have failed miserably in their efforts to save Gotham. Fort Apache, the Bronx, gave us insights into its denizens' lack of respect for the law. And that was before New York City went bankrupt and reneged on its bills.

Several decades ago, Hollywood produced a movie, Escape From New York, which proposed converting Manhattan into a maximum security federal prison. Another option suggested by Planet of the Apes would be to turn it over to our primate cousins. In Soylent Green New Yorkers depleted ocean algae and were subsequently reduced to eating soylent red, a processed food made from human corpses. Personally, I am of the opinion that we should give Manhattan back to its original indigenous inhabitants and demand that they return the $24 worth of trinkets our forefathers paid for it before the melting Arctic Ice Cap submerges the entire city beneath the Atlantic Ocean.

Is it any wonder that Pace Picante salsa's major claim to fame is that it isn't made in New York City or that the Dodgers and the Giants got out while the getting was good? All that's left is former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, ghost guns, and the diminished legacy of Donald Trump.


The statehood movement in Puerto Rico aims to make Puerto Rico a state of the United States. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territorial possession of the United States acquired in 1898 following the Spanish-American War, making it the oldest colony in the modern world. As of 2019, the population of Puerto Rico was 3.2 million, around half the average state population and higher than that of 20 U.S. states. Competing options for the future political status of Puerto Rico include maintaining its current status, becoming fully independent, or becoming a freely associated state. Puerto Rico has held six referendums on the topic. These are non-binding, as the power to grant statehood lies with the U.S. Congress. The most recent was in November 2020, with a majority (52.52%) of voters opting for statehood.

On June 11, 2017, Puerto Ricans voted whether to become an independent nation, become a state, or maintain their present status. Ninety-seven percent of those casting ballots opted in favor of statehood. Since 1917, Puerto Ricans have had United State citizenship and unrestricted rights to move to the mainland. Congress will now vote on whether or not to admit Puerto Rico as the 51st state. Please urge your Congressional Representatives and Senators to correct past racial bias by granting Puerto Rico statehood.

Advocates of statehood say it would resolve Puerto Rico's fiscal crisis. Statehood would grant Puerto Rico access to parity in federal funds for social programs like Medicaid and public housing subsidies, important programs for an island where about 45 percent of the population are living in poverty.

Puerto Rico has been a territory since 1898, when the Island was acquired from Spain after the Spanish-American War.

On January 10th, 2018, Puerto Rico formally requested statehood from the U.S. Congress. It is now in Congress's hands.

President Biden is in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico. Isn't it about time we renounce our forefathers' legacy of Empire and embrace the natives as equals? Or is the United States so addicted to racism that it cannot accept Latinos as equals? Write your Congressperson and tell him/her you support Puerto Rico becoming a state.


There is a foreign GMO origin for the Corona with SAR's receptor virus which is being introduced into cities across the United States via false and/or misleading videos on social media. The current wave of epidemics and pandemics which are negatively affecting global health and commerce are manmade rather than a result of the forces of nature. The Free World is under attack by totalitarian forces seeking to undermine democracy through malevolent misinformation transmitted by social media as well as CRISPR-associated biological warfare directed at civilian populations. This two prong ongoing sneak attack has already done more damage and claimed more lives than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined, but neither our leaders nor the American public recognizes it for what it is. Once again, we are reminded that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Just because the lockdown is over doesn't mean you can't catch Covid.


Nothing tastes better than hot, fresh french fries. Long before the first McDonald's in Orange County, California, was opened on Harbor Boulevard, two miles south of Disneyland, my mother was making french fries from scratch for our family. She washed Russet potatoes, cut out the eyes with a practiced circular motion of her paring knife, peeled them with an Ekco steel vegetable peeler, cut them into strips with a butcher knife, and fried them in a deep frier, before serving them to her hungry family for dinner. There were never any leftovers, she always cooked the right amount. It was the 1950's and my mother was a full-time housewife. Her job was cooking three meals a day, cleaning our new suburban tract home, shopping for groceries at the U.S. Navy commissary on Terminal Island, attending P.T.A. meetings and driving me to piano lessons, the local branch library, Boys Club, and Y.M.C.A.

Nowadays, few people have the time to cook three meals a day, seven days a week. Fast food has become a staple of American life. Most fast food outlets have decent french fries. However, many fast food chains cook their french fries in large batches, salt them, and place them under a heat lamp until they are sold. This can result in soggy or burnt fries.

For years I attempted to remedy this problem by asking the person taking my order if their fries were fresh. Frequently they replied "All of our fries are fresh." Since I could see the heat lamp behind the counter, I knew this to be a lie. However, if I pushed the issue too far, they often became indignant, resulting in me storming off to some other franchise that usually turned out to be worse than the first. Who wants french fries that taste as if they came from rotting potatoes afflicted by blight?

Over the past decade, many people have switched to low sodium diets for health reasons. Because the fries beneath the heat lamp have already been salted, a new batch has to be fried before the customer's order can be filled. After seeing this happen several times, I have begun to order unsalted fries. Sometimes I have to wait five or ten minutes for my fries, but at least the matter no longer becomes confrontational. I now buy kosher sea salt from a neighborhood 99 cents store and sprinkle it on my french fries. It tastes divine. Bon appetit. Go ahead—supersize me.

Quacks:  Two Years in a VA Nursing Home

What is the easiest and most economical way to dispose of elderly disabled veterans who, in the eyes of many Veterans Affairs' doctors and administrators, have outlived their usefulness to society? The VA's answer is to warehouse them in an institution and deny them proper medical care. Prescribing them mind-numbing drugs greatly facilitates the process by rendering them easier to control and less likely to complain. Unlicensed physicians and incompetent nurses abound. Besides, negligence and elderly abuse lead to a high death rate, a necessity because there simply are not enough facilities and beds available to meet the steadily increasing demand. Death panels decide who will live and who shall die. Read Quacks to find out why more death certificates get doctored than patients at VA nursing homes. Order the paperback edition of Quacks by clicking on the publisher's hyperlink Amazon.com. Click on the bookcover at left to read Quacks online. Please send me your comments.

Write your Congressman and tell him that you do not want the VA to conduct death panels or to encourage severely disabled veterans to commit suicide. Nursing homes are an abusive and dehumanizing means of warehousing long-term sick veterans. Homeless and disabled veterans should be given access to assisted living facilities where they can continue to take part in the community rather than being ostrasized in overcrowded, disease ridden nursing homes.


A few years ago I decided to drive my own well, using a few common building supplies, a little elbow grease, and a lot of common sense. If you can drive a nail into a board, you have the skills to augment your water supply.

Methods ranging from digging to blasting are used to reach the underground layer of fresh water that lies beneath dry land. Most of these are too technical, expensive, or dangerous for the average person. However, at the turn of the century the U.S. Army developed a fast, effective method to provide bivouacking troops with water that did not involve a lot of expensive, cumbersome equipment. Soldiers simply drove a pipe into the ground with a sledgehammer until they reached the aquifer. Subsequently, it has proven to be ideal for supplying water to homesteads, second homes, and remote villages in developing nations.

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The Gospel According to Condo Don Two millennia ago, the Son of God promised to return. In 1984, that promise was fulfilled. You may have even passed Him on the street and not been aware of it. Of course, you probably thought you had more important things to do than look for the Savior. Now, as you read an eyewitness account of the Second Coming, you realize just how wrong you were. Don't worry, there is still time. But I wouldn't delay, because it is your immortal soul that is at stake. Jesus Christ wants to change your life. He thinks you are worth saving. So, why do you keep trying to prove Him wrong? The choice is yours alone. You can either join the parade or you can stay on the sidelines and watch salvation pass you by. Purchase the fully illustrated large print Second Edition paperback by clicking on the hyperlink, Amazon.com.

Please be forewarned that this novel was written from the perspective of a homeless alcoholic, a hard core bottom dweller who at the verge of death has religion thrust upon him the hard way. Although the Lord's name is never taken in vain, the dialogue necessarily does contain some graphic street language. Condo Don is a born fighter who literally takes on the devil. Prudes, conscientious objectors, and people who wear their religion on their sleeve have no business reading this book. Here God is full-strength and unadulterated, an awesome omnipotent God who demands respect. Redemption can be physically and mentally exhausting. Need recharging? Plug in here.

To read The Gospel According to Condo Don online for free click here.

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Bushwhacked by Fred Dungan

by Fred Dungan

Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain
Life on the Mississippi

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Survivors of the Chancellor

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Donner Party

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The Gospel According to Condo Don by Fred Dungan
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Fanny van de Grift Stevenson
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First Across the Continent:  The Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 - 1806 by Noah Brooks
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CRISPR - Joy and Horror by Fred Dungan

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compiled by Yei
Theodora Ozaki
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Quacks by Fred Dungan

by Fred Dungan
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The West Point Rivals by Upton Sinclair
The West Point Rivals

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Policing America's Empire by Fred Dungan
Policing America's Empire

by Fred Dungan
2084 - Slavery Resurgent by Fred Dungan

by Fred Dungan
1,000 Year Reich by Fred Dungan
1,000 Year Reich

by Fred Dungan

There is an ugly dark side to America which you aren't likely to see on television or at the movies:  hungry, out-of-work families being turned away at homeless shelters; flim-flam man Ken Lay bribing Congress to turn its back while Enron fleeces employees and investors alike; the incredibly ridiculous screw-ups that led to 9-11; George W. Bush preaching crass crony capitalism; and Seagrams going all out to get kids to drink. These are topics that won't be discussed on the evening news. Learn what they don't want you to know.

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2084: Slavery Resurgent by Fred DunganCareer criminals undergo gene therapy, chemical castration, and synapse reprogramming. They are transformed into automatons at a Top Secret underground laboratory located in Area 51 and are auctioned into slavery by the federal government with the profits used to reduce the deficit and provide tax cuts for the public. Crime plummets. 2084: Slavery Resurgent explains how unrestricted capitalism and class warfare could easily result in a meritocracy which enslaves those who violate laws and social standards set by the elite. Greed runs amok. Don't think it couldn't happen here. Right click on the hyperlink, Lulu.com, to purchase the paperback book for $4.99.


9/11 Vigilantes by Fred DunganRead the hard-hitting book they wouldn't publish for fear it might incite people to riot. 9/11 Vigilantes tells the action-packed story of the reaction of ordinary Americans to the senseless slaughter on September 11, 2001.  Although fiction, much of 9/11 Vigilantes is based on actual post 9/11 events.  The story is told by Ryan, a teenager in a small western resort town whose father is the local Sheriff, but this definitely isn't Opie in Mayberry.  Following 9/11, the concerned citizens of Hermosa are up in arms about the failure of law enforcement to stop illegal immigration and protect them from terrorists.  Street justice—the kind dispensed by vigilantes and militias—is preferable to no justice whatsoever. Ride with Ryan Romero and his posse as they pursue al-Qaeda terrorists across the vast expanse of the High Desert. This is the definitive Young Adult coming-of-age novel of the 21st century. To order the paperback book online, go to Amazon.com


I don't support National Public Radio because National Public Radio doesn't support me. They are constantly conducting membership pledge drives - grubbing for money to keep NPR on the air. To hear them tell it, their listeners need to give until it hurts because NPR is struggling to survive. They have been perpetrating this high pressure pitch for as long as anyone can remember, perpetually edging closer to death, only to be saved by generous donors at the last possible moment. It's a page taken from materialistic television evangelism complete with angels who miraculously avert impending disaster.

I am sick and tired of hearing how National Public Radio is commercial free, refuses to compromise its principles, and never is influenced by corporate interests. How dumb do they think we are? The only difference between NPR's methods of generating revenue and that of other stations is that NPR refers to its advertisers as sponsors. Hosts of the NPR program Planet Money stated the audience is indeed a product being sold to advertisers in the same way as commercial stations, saying: "they are not advertisers exactly but, they have a lot of the same characteristics; let's just say that."

National Public Radio encourages listeners to donate by rewarding them with "free" thank you gifts. Frequently these gifts are books which authors and/or publishers provide as a promotional gimmick. My only objection to that is that these books are not written by me or any of my colleagues. Invariably they are written by the minions of the big publishing houses and never those of niche or desktop publishers. The problem with that is that NPR stifles innovation, creativity, integrity, and literary progress because the network is a slave of the marketplace. Down with arcane pseudo liberalism! NPR favors elitist establishment authors. Needless to say, NPR's programming never reviews my books or those of my friends. Since NPR will not support us, why should we support them? After all, despite their repeated denials, National Public Radio, has numerous corporate sponsors whom NPR can tap for money. Nor do the bunco artists at NPR have any justification for conning listeners out of their vehicles. Shame, shame on National Public Radio for being cunning conservative corporate sponsored wolves in liberal sheep's clothing.

Become an abstaining member. Don't donate to NPR until they eliminate rampant corporate sponsorship and quit hijacking listeners' vehicles.


CRISPR is an acronym which stands for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats. CRISPR technology is a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function. Its many potential applications include correcting genetic defects, treating and preventing the spread of diseases, and improving crops. However, its promise also raises ethical concerns.

One moral concern is that editing DNA creates gene drives. These are genetic systems which increase the chances of a particular trait passing on from parent to offspring. Eventually, over the course of generations, the trait spreads through entire populations. Alter enough DNA in an effort to improve human beings and geneticists could bring about the extinction of our species, much as Cro-Magnon man replaced Neandrathal man, but over a much shorter period of time. I predict that in the not-so-distant future our species, Homo Sapiens will be replaced by an improved species which for the sake of clarity, I am labeling Homo Aurelius. This will not necessarily be a tragedy since we all desire our descendents to live a better life than we had. As we travel into space and spread our seed throughout the Universe, we will continue to improve our genetic makeup, becoming immortal omnipotent beings ("gods," if you will).

Perhaps civilization's greatest concern about CRISPR is that it is difficult to regulate. Any above average high school Biology student could learn its technique. Gene editing kits are being offered on the internet for as little as $150. In the wrong hands CRISPR could potentially be misused to create apocalyptic designer diseases as destructive (or more destructive) than the plagues that an angry God visited on Biblical Egypt.

CRISPR technology was adapted from the natural defense mechanisms of bacteria and archaea (the domain of single-celled microorganisms). These organisms use CRISPR-derived RNA and various Cas proteins, including Cas9, to foil attacks by viruses and other foreign bodies. They do so primarily by chopping up and destroying the DNA of a foreign invader. When these components are transferred into other, more complex, organisms, it allows for the manipulation of genes, or "editing."

I am not exaggerating when I say that CRISPR is making the largest biological changes in our species since Homo Sapiens first set foot on Earth. The same can be said for all plant and animal species. We have evolved to the point where we have assumed some of the creative functions that were previously the exclusive purvey of God.

Evolution is a hit or miss game of chance in which it often takes millions of years to see the results. CRISPR is a game of skill. Noticeable changes can be seen within our lifetime. Most likely, these changes will increase exponentially as time goes on. Future generations will fare better than us in terms of health and intelligence.


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